pátek 29. června 2012

Today tropic heat xD

Hi people,
today began Holiday and we have nice weather. Today was tropic heat. I sunbath and I babysitted my brother. Enjoy your holiday

    xD Dasha :)  

pondělí 18. června 2012

My day today xD

Hi all,
today was the tropical heat. At school it was good. We don´t learn anymore this year. We are watching movies and it is all. I wait for holiday that are in two weeks.I hope, that will shine sun. And will be all OK.

                         Dasha xD


středa 13. června 2012

First Post :)

Hi all,
My name is Dasha and I am a friend of Sandy. I'll try to write more here, but I do not have much time. At school we have a lot of tests, so I have to learn a lot. I put here photo of my hands with gel-nails. I like short nails, it bothers me (long nails) when I'm writing on a computer. Hands are always nice when they are modified. For example painted, decorated. Girls should take care of theirself. Who agrees - writes comment :) Have a nice day :) :) :) Dasha